Par 3 Competition

Fancy a crack at some friendly short competition.

Enjoy the challenge of our new Par 3 Competition, which runs weekly at by the River Torrens at our Par 3 Course.

The Par 3 Course, on the Torrens River, is a fantastic entry-level golfing experience, as you play on shorter fairways with easily-accessible putting greens, some surrounded by bunkers. This makes it the perfect place for family and friends to have a little bit of competitive fun.

Play against a mate – or a total stranger – as you tee off to see who emerges victor. Then, simply sign-off on each other's score card, and hand it in at the Par 3 cafe. At the end of each week, we'll tally up and publish the results and prize allocations.

The weekly competition will start each Wednesday and finish the following Tuesday, with results being processed each Wednesday.

It costs only $3 to enter, on top of your regular green fee, and the entry money goes towards all weekly prizes. The more rounds played, the higher the pool, and the more chance you have of winning.

Prizes can be redeemed at the Pro Shop, 19th Hole Cafe & Bar, or Par 3 kiosk. We suggest a round for your fellow competitors – but it's totally your call.

No skill or handicap required to join – you'll be given a handicap after completing 2 rounds (which gets updated each competition round). 

Ok, sign me up.

Simply let our staff know when you come to the Par 3 kiosk that you're keen to join in, and we'll get you started. 

Par 3 Competition Results

18 Hole Competition

Name Score Prize
Brandon Montgomery 73/46 $9 Voucher
Barry Downy 59/46 $3 Voucher
Nate Yuan 78/48 $3 Voucher
Nicolas Lo 64/49 $3 Voucher
Tim Dunkerton 64/57 $3 Voucher

Terms & Conditions

• No age limits. All welcome.
• Handicaps are provided after two rounds and updated after each round
• We pay prizes into a prize account, which you can redeem at the Pro Shop, 19th Hole Cafe & Bar, or Par 3 kiosk.
• There are no admin fees taken from the prize pool. We also run a quarterly major weekly competition: with additional prizes donated
• We publish the weekly results on Thursday morning