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Soccer v AFL Golf Competition

Win $3,000 for your local club in the Soccer v AFL golf competition

With the football off season and Spring just around the corner, it's time to relax with a bit of fun.

Enjoy a few hits on the golf course with your team in some friendly competition with a rival sport in the battle of the footballs: Soccer v AFL Showdown.

When you compete, you go in the draw to win $3,000 for your club. You also have the chance of winning prizes for being the best golfer, with another $2,000 divvied up for grabs.

Grab three team mates to form a team of four – then play five of six weeks of competition (at any time during that week) to enter the draw to win. And while golf is a game of skill, you don't need to have a handicap (or be good at all, really) to join. The competition is designed for all levels of golfing talent.

The first round is the week starting Monday 7 October, with the final from 1pm on Sunday 24 November. So don't waste the off-season, get your team together and play.

How does it all work?

  1. Each week, four players from each team play in an Ambrose-style golf competition
  2. Each team's best score for each week is added to their running total.
  3. After six weeks, the top soccer team faces off against the top AFL team; second against second; etc.
  4. A winner is crowned.

What is an Ambrose Golf Competition?

This competition will be an Ambrose – the most social and quickest of all golf games.

More specifically, this competition will be a 4-ball Ambrose. In a 4-ball Ambrose, the four team players each tee off and pick the best shot. This ball position is then used for the second shot for everyone on the team. The best shot is picked again, and this continues until the ball is in the hole. This means you get multiple shots each time, making sure you get a good score.

The finals will be a 2-ball Ambrose style, which means your four players will play in pairs, and choose the best ball between the pair.

How do I join?

Organise with your team who is keen to play, then hit 'register now'.




2019 Soccer v AFL Competition Ladder

The ladder will be posted here. It will be updated every Monday morning, so check back each week to see where you rank.



Terms and Conditions:

  • Teams must have at least 4 people. More than 4 people can nominate from any one club, but only 4 can play on a team each week.
  • Each team must pay $50 prior before their first round. Each team will get a a $50 gift card that can be redeemed in the Pro Shop.
  • Team members can nominate up until the end of round 4.
  • To play in the finals, players must have completed at least 2 minor rounds,
  • Clubs may have more than 1 team. Each will qualify for the $3,000 random prize draw, as long as they have at least 4 players compete in 5 of 6 rounds, and play in the final.
  • We will draw the $3,000 random draw at the end of the final on Sunday 24 November.
  • Clubs must be affiliated with their state/national sporting association to be eligible for prize money.
  • The finals will begin 1.00pm Sunday 24 November. We will post the draw on this website on Tuesday 19 November.
  • In the finals, the top team from each sport will play each other. Second will play second, third–third etc. The finals are a 2-ball Ambrose. Each team must pick their two pairs for the finals by Friday 22 November. 
  • If there is a tie for first place after 18 holes in the final, there will be a one-hole playoff between the nominated pairs.
  • If teams are still tied after the first play-off, they will continue until one team wins. The holes used for the playoff is at the discretion of the promoters and may be the same hole repeated.
  • If there is a tie at the end of the minor round, we will give the higher position to the team with the lowest total strokes. Should there still be a tie, we will decide via coin toss.
  • The premiership ladder is cumulative points at the end of each round.
  • We will use the top 5 scores from the 6 weeks when finalising the Premiership table.
  • Clubs unrelated to either sport eg cricket clubs (but excluding golf clubs), may nominate a team. We will pick which section of the competition (ie AFL or Soccer) they play under.
  • All players must sign off their team's card. You must hand this in to the Customer Service counter after finishing the round.
  • The competition weeks runs from 1st tee time Monday morning to Pro Shop close on Sunday evening.
  • You must play on the South Course at North Adelaide Golf Course.
  • You must follow the Rules of Golf and local rules.
  • You will get a handicap based on your scores on 6 random holes each week. You will not get notice for which holes are being used. At the end of the competition, you may request details on the handicap holes for each of the weeks.
  • We reserve the right to reduce the club and individual awards should less than 10 teams participate in the competition
  • Decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.