Group Classes

Meet new people and learn to play golf together.

Did you know that, on average, you will improve quicker in a group lesson than in one-on-one coaching? Yes, it’s true! One-on-one coaching is great for those who want to fine-tune their mechanics, sink that 20m putt, or nail that bunker flop shot... But if you need to learn from scratch, or your handicap isn’t closing in on your dream, group lessons are a great (and budget conscious) alternative.

So you may be wondering: how can I, in a group lesson, pick up better, more useful, more practical skills than with a personal coach.

Classes are relaxed and easy-to-follow! And our team boasts three PGA Certified coaches, and a Korean-speaking Golf Professional, who are champing at the bit to help you perfect your drive and enjoy the game!

Here’s 5 reasons to join a group golf class!

  1. The feeling of being at the same level as your peers, to better judge your own skills.
  2. Focus is on the big, broad important skills that will make the most impact
  3. You can watch how others are doing the same moves – and what they get right and wrong.
  4. Learning is more fun when you're not doing it on your own.
  5. Less talking with the teacher – more swinging with your club!

Check out our classes below and join us now!