On Course Coaching

Get out of the driving range and improve your golfing on the course

Picture a day you’re out for a round of golf with a few of your mates. You step up to the first tee, club in hand… and smash a huge drive straight down the middle of the fairway.

Think of the look on their faces when you hit the green for the 5th time in a row and effortlessly drop your 2nd birdie putt?

Watch their jaws drop when you finish your game 6–10 strokes under your normal scores and you blow away any lead they may have had.

Playing a round of golf is something quite different than practicing on the driving range. You will encounter situations that can’t be taught on the range or on the practice green. So it’s essential that you learn good on-course skills and the right course strategy to get the most enjoyment out of your golf outings.

Do you know that over half of the game is played inside of 100 metres? For this reason, at least 50% of your on-course playing lesson is focused on improving your short game skills – putting, chipping, pitching, and sand play. This will give you the confidence and skill to score better every time you play.

A Relaxing Way to Learn

It might surprise you to discover how relaxing it is playing with a golf professional. It’s a great way to build skills and confidence because you have your instructor with you to teach you what to do every shot. You benefit from their decades of experience, plus you’ll enjoy yourself while improving your game.

What to Expect When You Join

You’ll play a set of holes with a PGA Certified professional as you develop the following:

Gain radical improvements to your swing

  • Drive your ball off the tee with needlepoint accuracy
  • Smack tee shots 15 to 40 metres further than ever before
  • Remove that painful slice or hook from your playbook
  • Crush longer drives straight down the centre of the fairway
  • Hit the green with fewer strokes
  • Learn the fundamentals of the golf stance to ensure proper balance and weight distribution
  • Hit great shots with 100% confidence by learning how to hold and grip a golf club like the top touring pros

Eliminate your fear of traps and hazards

  • Discover the secrets to successful sand play
  • Blast out of bunkers with enough momentum to land your ball exactly at your target
  • Learn how to play from the rough to get your ball back in play safely
  • Dramatically improve your chipping technique to avoid hitting thin or fat shots, flying the ball too far… or not far enough

Sink more putts than ever before

  • Gain TOTAL confidence on putts of any length
  • Stop struggling and eliminate your frustration with your short game

Get Started with On Course Coaching

Golf is simple to learn, but difficult to master. To be a good player on the course (and not just the driving range), you need an honest guide that gives you a realistic, simple, step-by-step plan to make it easier for you to play the game well, get lower scores and enjoy yourself doing it.

On course coaching gets you one step closer to playing a better game of golf. Sign up for a class now.


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On course play

On Course Coaching – Term 1 2022

Dates: 10, 17, 24 February and 3 & 10 March
Location: Meet at Pro Shop, North Adelaide Golf Course, Strangways Terrace, Adelaide
Map [PDF, 1MB]
Coach: Jamie Clutterham
Cost: $199
Maximum number of students: 6

On Course Coaching is for golfers who want to learn about tactical playing on course. The program mixes in some technical coaching at the same time.

This program is delivered on our course, and takes you through all the fundamentals to enjoy a game of golf.

PLEASE NOTE – This program is designed for golfers who have some level of golf course play in the past, either starting the game with recent experience or well established wanting to improve their on-course play.