Join a group and play some golf

The golf course is a great place to unwind and meet new friends. And one of the best ways to meet new people on the green is by joining a club.

Across Australia, there are more than 350,000 people who are members of a golf club. At North Adelaide Golf Course, we have five regular social clubs, plus our resident club, the North Adelaide Golf Club.

These clubs are your ticket to playing with groups, and joining our competitions out here at the course.

Once you are a member, just make sure you've got your course access sorted (a season pass or multi-use pass are our recommendations, but booking your tee time online will have you covered too). When that's all done, you're all set to play together. 

Golf Clubs

Saturday Competition

Australia Post-Tel Institute (API) Golf Club
Terry Parsons: 0416 949 703
Nathan Cruddon: 0412 371 331

North Adelaide Golf Club (resident club)
Bob Naffin: 08 8267 3706
[email protected]

Shell Golf Club
Bob Richardson: 0412 052 418 or
Damien Farrell: 0435 915 732

Sunday Competition

Islington Works Golf Club
0448 684 129
Greg Read: 0434 360 355

Oaks Golf Club
Steve Mann: 0401 124 898

Wellington Golf Club
Memberships are closed. To join the waitlist:
Bernie Rowsell: 0431 106 966

Not sure where to start?

Give us a call on (08) 8203 7888 and we're happy to help.