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Play a round of golf with your mates.

There's nothing more satisfying than a day on the green with a couple of friends, drinks, and good drives up the fairway.

Whether you're a complete beginner who's keen for a few swings, or seasoned pro with a formidable drive, our three courses – from the gentle Par 3 to the championship South – will challenge and reward you.

We're just minutes walk from the city (no excuses!) in the beautiful Adelaide Park Lands. 

Book your round now and head to the North Adelaide Golf Course to play.


Golf 101: Frequently Asked Questions

For those who regularly play golf, you know why the game is great! Fresh air, beautiful sunlight, quality time with family and friends, and that feeling you get when you send the ball sailing into the horizon...

But if you are new to golf, here are the TOP TEN reasons (apart from the amazing prize above) why golf is the game of a lifetime!

  1. Enjoy the outdoors: Spend a few hours in fresh air, experiencing all types of local flora and fauna.
  2. Develop lifelong friendships: You never know who you will meet on a golf course, from a best friend to a special someone.
  3. Practice personal responsibility: Sometimes the ball doesn’t always bounce your way. Regardless of the outcome, there is no blaming your teammates for what happens.
  4. Have a safe place to play: The golf course is a safe place and gives you space for mentoring relationships.
  5. Learn to manage your emotions: Golf parallels real life through the highs and lows of the game. From birdies to triple bogeys, you'll learn to keep each shot in perspective, manage your emotions, stay positive, and focus on the shot at hand.
  6. Appreciate diversity: Golf is a game for everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, size or skill level.
  7. Prepare for business: Golf can help develop business relationships and prepare you for the business world.
  8. Learn etiquette: In golf there is no judge or referee; instead, players govern themselves and fellow competitors.
  9. Spend time with family: Golf is a game that encourages family participation.
  10. Develop healthy habits for life: Get off the couch and hit the outdoors. When walk the golf course carrying your bag, you'll burn 1500kj and walk over 10,000 steps.

If the sun is out, we're pretty much open. Hours change to match the sunrise and sunset to give you the most light for play (plus, it's stunning out on the green at those times).

Read more about our full hours.

Golf can be a steal. If you've got your own clubs and balls, a round on our Par 3 course will cost as little as $13.50.

Check out out full price list.

Don't have the gear? Never fear. We've got heaps you can hire or buy on site. From balls and gloves to clubs and carts, we can deck you out with everything you need. In fact, you can hire a set for Par 3 for just $5.50.

Check out our equipment hire in our price list

We are. North Adelaide Golf Course has three courses that make it up: the North Course, South Course, and Par 3 Course.

The Par 3 Course, next to the River Torrens, is a cheap, convenient day out for the beginner golfer – as well as a great family or group experience. All holes in this course are Par 3's (only a short 56 to 140 metres in length).

The North Course is ideal for a quick round before or after work, or a casual hit with friends on the weekend. It's a Par 68 layout with a mix of short, tight holes and longer, open fairways.

The South Course offers you a challenging layout and fantastic views of the Adelaide CBD – perfect for the seasoned players. It's a Par 71 Championship layout with Kikuyu fairways, Bent Grass greens and Santa Anna Couch tee beds.

That depends on how good you are! If it's your first time, set aside a couple of hours.

With fantastic local and imported beers, fine local wines, and trained baristas, enjoy a drink before, during, or after your game. And if you're feeling a bit peckish, we can also hand-deliver fresh sandwiches and hot food while you play. To book the drinks cart, give us a call on: 8203 7888.

FYI: The drinks cart usually doesn't run during the evening for staffing reasons. BUT we can make it work for you for a small additional cost. Just let us know.

We want to keep things fun and casual. Anything from jeans and a t-shirt to khakis and collars is totally fine.

Closed-toed shoes are a must though (no thongs – and certainly not the American kind!). Flat-soled sneakers are great, and soft spikes even better if you've got them

Word of warning that singlet tops are not acceptable for the South Course. You're all good to play for the North and Par 3 though.

Sure can. Book into a one-on-one session or group class with one of our great coaches. To discuss, give our coaches a call on 8203 7888 or email [email protected].

Find out more about what our coaches can offer you.

Book your round now, or head straight to the North Adelaide Golf Course to play.


Book your round now, or head straight to the North Adelaide Golf Course to play.