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Join our friendly golf competitions

A golf competition is a great way to play the game and meet new people.

Whether you're a local, or from far across the country, bring your national GolfLink handicap and enjoy our club competitions. 

Don't have a golf handicap – no problem. Get in contact with one of our clubs so they can get you one. please contact one of our clubs so they can assist you in getting one.

I want to play now!

Awesome. Have a chat with one of our clubs and they'll get your started. 



NAGC (Mornings) 18 groups 6:14am – 8:13am earliest in Summer
    7:17am – 9:16am latest in Winter
SHELL 4 groups 8:20am – 8:41am earliest in Summer
    9:23am – 9:44am latest in Winter
API 8 groups 8:48am – 9:37am earliest in Summer
    9:51am – 10:40am latest in Winter
NAGC Ladies 8 groups 9:44am – 10:33am earliest in Summer
    10:47am – 11:36am latest in Winter
NAGC (Afternoons) 12 groups 10:40am – 11:57am earliest in Summer
    11:43am – 1:00am latest in Summer


NAGC (Mornings) 18 groups 6:14am – 8:06am earliest in Summer
    7:17am – 9:09am latest in Winter


NAGC (Dec–Jan) 17 groups 6:14am – 8:06am (8 weeks only)
NAGC (Feb–Nov) 15 groups 6:14am – 8:06am earliest in Summer
    7:17am – 8:55am latest in Winter
NAGC Ladies 10 groups 8:13am – 9:16am earliest in Summer
    9:02am – 10:05am latest in Winter


Wellington Golf Club 2 groups 6:14am – 6:21am earliest in Summer
    7:38am – 7:45am latest in Winter
OAK’s Golf Club 5 groups 6:28am – 6:56am earliest in Summer
    7:52am – 8:20am latest in Winter
Islington Works Golf Club 4 groups 7:24am – 7:45am earliest in Summer
    8:27am – 8:48am latest in Winter

Times adjust as sunrise changes