Weekly Competition

Competitive Golf is back!

With our brand-new golf competition, you can test your mettle AND maintain social distancing.

Competition takes place on the South Course, and new prizes are drawn every week. Best score wins.

If entering the competition you must enter and pay before you commence your round.

You scores are entered using the MiScore App or you can enter into manually into our kiosk at the Pro Shop. Ask our staff how.

Download the MiScore app to track your score as you play

With the MiScore app, there’s no handling paper scoresheets or getting up in another player’s personal space to check scores.

You can download it direct to your phone:

Download MiScore iPhone App

Download MiScore Android App

This app now has a yearly cost of $16.50. To help cover this cost, if you are a season pass holder, we will upload $16.50 onto your loyalty card for you to use at the Pro Shop for food, drinks, or merchandise.

Scores upload to MiClub, which goes on our leader board. Scoring is live, so you can always take a peek at how you’re doing (and maybe a gander at how the competition stack up).

You must have a formal handicap (i.e. a GolfLink Number) to join.

What’s the prize?

The prize for this comp is a split pool.

The competition costs $6 to enter – which you can pay the front desk before your round.

All entries go into a pool and each week, the winner takes home the lion’s share of the pot, with prizes for players ranking high on the ladder as well. Which means if you play a few times each week, and you’re good enough, you could walk home with first, second prize, and even third, prize

Plus, a small amount from each week goes into supporting our junior golfers, to help build the golf community.

Weekly competition runs Wednesday to Tuesday. Check out the live leader board here.

You also go in the running to win our quarterly Eclectic competition.

In the Eclectic competition, over three months MiScore will compare your digital scorecard for each round, and automatically select the lowest score for each hole. That's your eclectic score. Lowest score wins.

Winner receives a grand prize, which includes:

• A 10x Multi-Use Pass,

• 10x buckets of balls for the driving range, and

• A private one-on-one coaching from our PGA Professional Jamie Clutterham.

You also go in the running for our annual Eclectic competition – same rules, but runs for the whole year. Prize is a North Adelaide Golf Course Season Pass, which lets you play free on all three courses, all year round.

How Do I Start?

Book a round using the button below. Then, at the course, simply chat to our staff and pay your $6 entry before you play your round.


Weekly Results: 8 September – 14 September

1Farooq, Ahmad43


2Warren, Malcolm38


3Wade, Josh38$9
4Howie, Simon J


5Ahmad, Hubib36$4.50
6Matteo, Don35$4.50
7Griffiths, Llewelyn34$4.50


Newman, David John34$4.50
9Jackson, Stephen33$4.50
10Weigang Yan32$4.50
11Farquhar, Rebecca31$4.50
12Rollison, John

29 C/B

13Bhatti, Shahid29$4.50
14Spencer, Quinn29$4.50
15De Wit, Pieter28$4.50
16Ho, Boun28$4.50
17Farooq, Ahmad28$4.50
18Paterson, Andrew27$4.50
19Sha, Ming Qiang26$4.50

$25 from this weeks competition will go towards supporting our junior golfers.

Terms & Conditions

By entering the competition, you agree to the Terms & Conditions of entry:

  • You have a GolfLink handicap.
  • You play with another GolfLink player who enters your score on the app. False scores will be marked as no score.
  • You are a member of our Loyalty Program. You can join for free before you play. Any prize money won will be put into this account.
  • You book and pay for your round, and pay the $6 competition fee and register at the Customer Service desk, before you play.
  • You follow all Golf Course and Competition Terms and Conditions as detailed on this website. These may be updated at any time.
  • You comply with R&A and local course rules.
  • Men use Blue Markers, Women use Red Markers.
  • Prizes valid for 12 months from winning. Driving Range prizes only valid Monday to Friday. Cart prize not valid Saturday or Sunday before midday and subject to availability. PGA Coaching prize is subject to finding a mutually-agreed time.
  • Competition prize money can only be used for food, beverage, and merchandise from the North Adelaide Golf Course Pro Shop or Par 3 Kiosk. Any COVID-19 restrictions on the sale of these goods apply.

Full rules and terms of play can be found here: Rules & Terms.