Business Networking

Build your network and gain access to new opportunities to give you a better life

As the famous quote goes “no man is an island”. What goes around comes around.

Our success in life is forged in fire by the number of opportunities we can create for ourselves. 

And there is no better way to open these doors than with new relationships.

But the question of who you network with and their relevance to your career matters more. This way, you don’t have to network with everyone. Rather, first study how you can contribute to their success, in addition to how you stand to benefit from their knowledge.

Join Business Network International (BNI) at North Adelaide Golf Course

BNI is a professional business networking organisation that helps you generate new business through powerful business referrals during regular, structured local chapter meetings.

In BNI Adelaide North our Members generate over $9,658,782 in closed business each year for each other, and worldwide this figure increases to over US$16.7 billion. That's billion with 9 zeros.

BNI are a group of highly passionate business professionals who meet on a weekly basis to get to know each other, each others business and through this pass bona fide referrals to trusted members.

BNI has over 264,000 participants worldwide, in over 76 countries… all of whom have benefited from increased referral business as a result of BNI. They are a member focused business referral network that works. You will develop long lasting relationships with like-minded business professionals, create opportunities through referral marketing and grow your business skills.

“The lifetime value of a referred customer is 25% higher than that of other customers”.

Referrals Work

We aren’t the only ones that understand the importance of referral business:

“Referred-in customers have a 37% higher retention rate than other customers.” Source: Deloitte

“The Lifetime Value of a referred customer is 25% higher than that of other customers.” Source: Chief Marketer

Builds Relationships

Why building a trusted “go-to” referral network can build your business?

“70% of U.S. consumers say they trust brand and product recommendations from friends and family.”

Source: Forester Research, “How To Build Your Brand with Branded Content”

Sharpens Skills

Lifelong Learning has been one of BNI's core values for more than 30 years.

They know how important both personal and professional growth are to their members. Because of this, they provide chapter members with the opportunity and resources to build their business and networking skills.

I am so thankful for BNI and the education it has provided me to be a better insurance broker. My level of service is exceptional because of BNI and the tools made available to me. I am also thankful of the relationships I have built, as they are irreplaceable

Heather Coutts

Want to get invited to a meeting? Contact BNI for more information and details.

Fridays 09:45 AM for a 10:00am start
North Adelaide Golf Course
Strangways Terrace
North Adelaide, SA 5006