Course Updates

February 2024 updates

We are continuing to invest in the course with many improvements taking place in February 2024. While we a apologise for any inconvenience during works we are achieving some great outcomes as can be seen with the new 1st Green on the South Course now in play. Feedback on the new Green has been very positive particularly about it providing a much more interesting first hole. Well done to the entire Horticulture team, lead by Simon Work, who do a great job in providing an outstanding quality of facility across all 3 courses.

  • Wednesday 7 Feb – the back 1st tee on the South Course will be closed for renovations and all teeing off will occur from the new front tee until the existing back tee grows in. The outcome will be a much flatter, more winter resilient tee and improved irrigation that will show less wear and tear in future years.
  • Thursday 8 Feb – some improvements to the entry for the special events parking area will take place. Access will be altered slightly while the works are undertaken, please follow all signage if accessing this area.
  • Monday 12 Feb – the temporary green for the 11th tee of the South Course will come into play. The 11th tee will be completely renovated, and we will keep you updated on the proposed opening date once the timing becomes known. The opening date is variable depending on a number of factors with the biggest one being the weather.
  • On Par 3 – we will be renovating the 14th Green by reusing the turf harvested from the 11th Green on the South Course to improve this area. While the new green is growing in the 7th hole will be split into 2.

Exciting times to be part of an ever improving facility!

Please use the QR code below to provide feedback on any areas where you would like to see improvements on and off course. By providing your feedback you go in the draw, along with the public and members who complete the survey in the 19th Hole, for the 3-month Season Pass or 3-month extension to your existing Season Pass.


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