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Opening Hours

The course is open almost every day of the year.

Our opening hours change with the sun, with earlier opens in summer, and later starts in winter. We are closed Christmas Day, but open every other public holiday and weekend.

Opening hours below are a guide only. Our booking schedule will always have the most up-to-date times for bookings.

North and South Course

January 6.30am–8.00pm July 7.00am–5.00pm
February 6.30am–7.30pm August 6.30am–5.30pm
March 7.00am–6.30pm September 6.00am–5.30pm
April 6.30am–5.00pm October 6.00am–7.00pm
May 7.00am–5.00pm November 6.00am–7.30pm
June 7.00am–5.00pm December 6.00am–8.00pm

Par 3

Our Par 3 course is open 7.15am–6.15pm during summer

Par 3 may close earlier or later depending on how popular the day is.