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Learn the secrets of the golf masters

Golfers all over the world talk to their golf balls on the course. Whispering sweet nothings like: "please, please, please go into the damn hole." And it (usually) doesn't have much effect on their game.

So if you're going to have some conversations on the course – make it one that counts. Make it a Pro Talk.

Why Pro Talks are a great way to improve your game

One of the highlights of joining us here at North Adelaide Golf Course is that you get access to PGA Certified Professionals, complete with expert knowledge and training.

Pro Talks are a way of plucking all that juicy information straight from their brain, and loading you up with all the tricks you need to improve your game.

And it doesn't take hours and hours. Everyone is so busy these days. There's the kids, the family, and everything going on at the office. So you want to be as efficient in the use of your time as you can be.

In one hour, Pro Talks tackle the big questions for your golf game, to give you the answers you need:

  • How do you become more efficient in golf?
  • How can you make better use of practice time?
  • How can you power your golf swing with the least amount of effort, and the still best results?
  • How do you improve your golf performance and achieve a lower golf handicap?

Play the best game of your life – and learn key skills that you can take with you onto the course.

Pro Talks are held at the Pro Shop and are 100% FREE.

Upcoming Talks

DB 3092

Putting Tips & Tricks

Did you know that roughly 40% of shots you take are on the putting green? Think about how much better you would play if you turned those frustrating 3-putts into tap-in pars. Come along and find out the tips and tricks you need to sink those putts and radically improve your short game.

Date: Tuesday 10 May 2022
Time: 4.30pm
Pro Shop, North Adelaide Golf Course
Limit: 50 people
Price: FREE