An outdoor wedding location with stunning views of Adelaide

Everyone loves a wedding under the stars. Lit up with fairy lights, the balmy air and the city views make for the most magical wedding reception.

Flowers, cakes, dresses, shoes, invitations – planning a wedding can be overwhelming but once you have the venue sorted, the rest usually falls into place. 

You are able to hold your ceremony, then take advantage of the endless photo opportunities within our manicured lawns and end with a fabulous celebration with family and friends all in the one location.

We are with you every step of the way – from the first inspection, throughout the planning process, as well as on the big day to ensure every detail is taken care of.

The perfect outdoor wedding venue

There’s something magical about being outside in a picturesque setting when saying ‘I do’. 

An outdoor wedding comes with a stunning backdrop on its own. As the beautiful scenery and of course, the bridal party, will be centre of attention, lots of extra decorations usually aren’t required, saving you money. An outdoor wedding venue allows you to keep things simple, which can mean a more affordable wedding for you.

Another advantage to an outdoor wedding involves children. If you are choosing to have kids at your wedding, an outdoor wedding venue is more family-friendly and accommodating to children than an indoor venue. 

Being outdoors gives off a more casual vibe, there’s a breeze and plenty to look at so children may feel less cooped up and have space to run around.

You also have the option of moving indoors, in case of rain or extreme heat, to reduce the risk no matter what season it is.

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